Health & Safety Management

Health and Safety Management at Albayrak Group starts with the commitment of our executive management. It is regarded as a value from top to bottom within all of Albayrak Group and competent H&S teams take part at every step of the work activities. H&S Management at Albayrak Group comes in the form of proactive and reactive approaches. Combination of these approaches ensures total coverage of all steps of this Management System. Health and Safety Performance of our projects are monitored very closely in terms of proactive and reactive parameters. Our projects are regularly audited by Corporate HSE Department as well as auditing institutions and the results of these audits are evaluated by project and corporate management.Incident investigation and reporting is essential part of our Management System to prevent further incidents. For this purpose all incidents are closely and thoroughly investigated to determine their root causes. Following the investigation process, “Lessons Learnt” from the incident are developed and shared with all Albayrak Group Organization to ensure necessary precautions are taken.