Our greenhouse systems are designed in a variety styles and sizes with different materials such as Glass, Plastic and Policarbonate, to meet the need of each and every entrepreneur’s requirement. Steel construction that is used during the construction of facilities, are galvanized or galvanized and painted due to ensure against corrosion for many years. Assembly of construction take place without a utilizing a welding techniques. The heating system of greenhouses is fully automated and divided into sectors. Each sector has a separate heating collector. The heating system consists of bottom plant and top heating for protecion during snow and frost. The boiler burners can work on gas, diesel fuel and oil. The irrigation system is fully automated. It is includes a system of drip irrigation, drainage system, automatic irrigation machine, meteorological control system, a unit for preparing the necessary fertilizer solutions. The ventilation system of the greenhouse is carried out by fans and automatic single or double windows on the top or on the side of the greenhouses. Due to this system, it is possible to control the climate and energy consuption, inside the greenhouse. Installed curtain mechanizm, doesn’t let the harmfull sun rays get inside a greenhouse in the hot wheather, and keeps the warm air inside a greenhouse in the cold wheather by special metalic parts inside a curtain system.